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plant-inspired designs by artists


Marisabel Bazan

Marisabel Bazan is a Panamanian artist living and working in Los Angeles, known for her colorful organic artwork and public commissions. A cross-disciplinary artist, Bazan employs painting, mixed-media, sculpture, video, and interactive art to create bold, expressionistic works, reflecting on topics and themes including mental health, metamorphosis, and the human spirit, and inspired by her urban community. 
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Joe Wardwell

Boston-based artist Joe Wardwell fashions layered paintings that examine America through the lens of landscape imagery, political slogans, and song lyrics. His inspirations range from Hudson River School painters to punk-rock musicians Patti Smith and Mission of Burma. 
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Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill is an NYC-based designer, artist, and art director who started her career as a design assistant at Diane von Furstenberg in 2015, eventually becoming the head of the print department. She has been a consistent contributor to Christopher John Rogers as both a print designer and occasionally a jewelry designer. She also produces one-off items ranging from hand-printed garments to jewelry, to now select home objects. 
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Shira Inbar

Shira Inbar is an independent graphic designer working in the fields of entertainment, editorial design, image making, and illustration. Combining digital technologies with traditional media, her work often explores themes of objecthood, material, randomness, and pop. 
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